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Startups for the over 50s



What We Do

Univentures® offers customised start-up programmes for those over 50+ who want to start a business for the first time.

Anywhere in New Zealand.

Who For?

Are you over 50?
Do you want to turn your idea into a business?
Then your age and experience are your advantage!

The over 50s are ideal candidates to start up their own businesses
and are three times more likely to make their new businesses succeed!


Our Starting a Business over 50+ Programmes™ have been exclusively created to inspire and empower the over 50s to launch new ventures.

They are based on NZ research and, for the first time, recognise:

Our Aim

Our aim is to turn your ideas into your new business venture. 

We recognise what you bring – and what you need to develop to succeed.

Our first Starting a Business over 50+ Programme™ was piloted in May of 2022.
Building on the success of this, we are now able to offer our Starting a Business over 50+ Programme™ in 3 different delivery modes:

You can now access one of our Starting a Business over 50+ Programmes™ anywhere, anytime in New Zealand.

Our aim is not only going to reverse the usual failure rate for startups, but also to build up a vibrant population of 50+ entrepreneurs that contribute socially and economically to health, wealth and wellbeing of their communities. At an individual level, research shows that there are multiple physical and mental 
rewards, benefits and satisfaction from remaining active, creative and involved.

Your experience is a key advantage!

Contrary to popular belief, 50+ ENTREPRENEURS do better!

It’s never too late to innovate.

We’ll introduce new startup tools, help you build your skills and then turn your idea

into a vibrant, thriving new business venture.

While ageing is inevitable, growing old is not.
The difference depends on the steps you take.


“Sometimes it’s the very people no-one imagines anything of
that do the things that no-one can imagine”

The personal workshops have been invaluable. Great programme. Very engaging. Tutors have gone above and beyond.